ASEBIO commenting on EU GMO proposal

On 5 July, the College of Commissioners published a proposal to deregulate the authorisation, risk assessment and labelling of a range of new genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The proposal creates two different pathways for the placing on the market of NGT plants (NGT1 and NGT2 respectively), with NGT1 having less restrictive approval procedures.

Ion Arocena, CEO of AseBio (Spanish Bioindustry Association) comments:

The proposal of the European Commission on New Genomic Techniques is clearly a positive step towards a predictable, innovation friendly, fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for such techniques in Europe. At AseBio we expect that the final regulation, with the improvements introduced through the legislative procedure, will facilitate the approval of products obtained by NGTs, contributing to the sustainability and resilience of our agrifood system.


There will be a more detailed commentary by AseBio and presentation of the topic in the next issues of EBM and German Biotech magazine |transkript.