Johanna Ivaska

Johanna Ivaska joins Orion Corporation

Johanna Ivaska, Academy Professor of Biochemistry has been appointed Head & Vice President of Oncology Research in Orion Corporation as of 1 October 2018.  Ivaska joins Orion from the University of Turku and will continue working also there with her internationally recognised research team.

In the role of Head & Vice President of Oncology Research in Orion R&D Johanna Ivaska will have all oncology discovery directly reporting to her. In addition, she will act as the Director of Orion Research Center for Biotechnology and Translational Research in Turku. Johanna Ivaska will report to Vice President, R&D Global Head, Therapy Area Oncology, professor Heikki Joensuu.

Ivaska is an internationally distinguished researcher specialising in the role of cellular changes in metastatic development in cancer. The innovative approach of her research will provide significant new data on the migration and traffic of cancer cells in tissue. Ivaska's research is anticipated to lead to scientific breakthroughs in biomedicine, a very topical field of research today. Twice during her career, Ivaska has received research funding awarded by European Research Council (ERC), which is among the most notable grants in the world and highly competed. Ivaska and her academic research team are also the recipients of many scientific awards including most recently the Medix prize 2018 for the best scientific publication in medicine in Finland and in 2017 the prestigious A.I. Virtanen prize for internationally recognized excellence in research.

Johanna Ivaska, Academy Professor of Biochemistry says: "I am excited to extend the co-operation with Orion Corporation. As a scientist, I have been passionately tackling biomedical research questions for over 20 years. Every new drug is based on curiosity driven fundamental research. However, drug development requires resources and know-how beyond academia. With my new appointment, I will have the opportunity to contribute to the other end of the process, the pharmacological therapy."