Picture: Accure Therapeutics

Accure Therapeutics named new CMO

Spanish Accure Therapeutics appoints Dr Rossella Medori as new Chief Medical officer.

Medori brings over 30 years invaluable experience and skills - from her CNS translational expertise to in-depth knowledge of clinical development, acquired during her position in leadership roles at Biogen, Janssen Cilag-J&J, BMS, Lilly, Prexton and Affiris. She is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and has served as a neurology peer reviewer for medical literature and a global lecturer on advances in neurology and neurological research.

“I truly believe in the ambition of the new R&D engine, dedicated to providing game-changing disease modifying drugs in CNS for numerous patients in need of treatment,” said Dr. Rosella Medori.
In her new role, Dr Medori will lead the progress of Accure Therapeutics’ assets from the research stage into phase 2 clinical stage and beyond, whilst also supporting the search for additional assets: “Using her experience and significant success in clinical development, she will further support our ambition to steadily develop valuable new CNS medications,” said Laurent Nguyen, CEO of Accure Therapeutics.

Barcelona-based Accure Therapeutics, a private translational R&D engine at clinical stage in the Central Nervous System (CNS) field was founded in early 2020.