Takeda strikes US$640m deal with Enterome

French Enterome SA has added a second licence agreement with Takeda to its deal portfolio, projecting possible payments of US$640m.


Takeda will pay US$50 upfront for a global licence of EB8018, Enterome‘s lead bacterial inflammation blocker, targeting Crohn’s disease, that might have "the potential to expand to other gastrointestinal (GI) disorders and liver diseases", according to Enterome. Takeda also assured it will "make a future equity investment in the company". Enterome is also eligible to receive up to US$640m in milestone payments. Furthermore, Enterome and Takeda will co-develop EB8018 under the joint agreement and, if approved, the product will be co-promoted in the US under a profit/cost sharing structure. Takeda will receive an exclusive license to commercialise EB8018 outside of the US, and Enterome will be eligible to receive royalties on net sales generated in these territories.

EB8018 is a gut-restricted small molecule drug that inhibits FimH-mediated inflammation, which is often caused by invasive E. coli bacteria, without disrupting the local microbiome. EB8018 was originally discovered by Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Currently the drug is tested in a Phase Ib dose finding study.

The global agreement is the second collaboration between Enterome and Takeda. In 2016, the two companies entered a strategic drug discovery collaboration focused on microbiome targets across multiple GI disorders, including inflammatory bowel disease and motility disorders.


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