European biotech companies enter IPO prep course

European stock exchange operator Euronext kicked off its fourth annual capital markets training programme for non-listed companies - this time also including companies from Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.


Euronext launched its fourth session of TechShare in mid-September. It is said to be the only European training programme for non-listed companies dedicated to IPOs. Benefitting from a cohort of fast-growing European tech companies, the programme is an educational network designed to help these businesses understand the role of capital markets and how they can help them reach the next stage of their growth. For the first time, Euronext included companies from outside Euronext’s core markets, with participants also from Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. This decision follows the opening of new representative offices in these countries 12 months ago.

In total, 135 companies take part in the 2018/19 programme compared with 30 companies in 2015. On average, participants generate annual revenues of over €10m, and employ 100 staff. They are also at increasingly mature stage of growth as two-thirds are venture capital-backed and they have each raised around €15m in capital.

Since its launch in 2015, TechShare has helped four French companies access capital markets: Osmozis, Balyo, Oxatis, and biopharmaceutical company Theranexus. Among the biotech companies in the 2018/19 training programme are Thermosome (Germany), SOM Biotech (Spain), Sirion Biotech (Germany), Silk Biomaterials (Italy), OncoDNA (Belgium), Novadiscovery (France), Numares Health (Germany), Minory Therapeutics (Spain), LNC Therapeutics (France), Histocell (Spain), Genenta Science (Italy), Gecko Biomedical (France), Enyo Pharma (France), Cardior (Germany), Algentech (France) and Abionic (Switzerland).


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