Picture: SynaptixBio

Young biotech company recruits experienced CMO

 At the end of May, Dr Uwe Meya took over as Chief Medical Officer at Oxford-based SynaptixBio.

New SynaptixBio-CMO, Dr Uwe Meya, brings almost 40 years of experience. He has worked for major international biotech firms such as Roche and Minoryx in clinical research and development for neurological and psychiatric indications.

As qualified neurologist and psychiatrist he will be the key point of contact and decision maker for SynaptixBio’s clinical programme, with responsibility for defining clinical strategy, clinical feasibility, and the risk mitigation and development plan for the company’s emerging development candidates.

The position will involve medical and safety supervision of clinical trials from both a medical and scientific perspective, with oversight of medical monitoring activities and safety/pharmacovigilance activities. He will be the medical/safety liaison between SynaptixBio and the regulatory bodies.

Meya has specific experience with the regulatory processes for orphan drug and Rare Paediatric Disease Designation applications.

Founded in early 2021 from recognised biotech leaders, Oxford-based SynaptixBio is the first and only company developing a therapy to treat a rare, deadly and currently incurable disease – TUBB4A related leukodystrophy.