Picture: AAX Biotech

Senior Manager of Science & Development has started

Swedish biotech startup AAX Biotech strengthens the management team with the appointment of Juan Astorga-Wells. He became new Senior Manager of Science & Development.

Juan Astorga-Wells, PhD in Medical Biochemistry from Karolinska Institutet, brings an exciting mix of academic and entrepreneurial expertise to AAX Biotech. The Stockholm-based biotech company specialises in next-generation antibody therapeutics. It was founded by experts from Karolinska Instituted. As co-founder of three biotech companies and holder of several patents, Astorga-Wells has extensive experience in translating scientific innovations into market-ready solutions. His particular skills in epitope mapping are critical for AAX Biotech to advance its two unique and patentable technologies, Seqitope™ and Opti-mAb™. With more than 15 years of management experience in the bioanalytical sector and a customer-centric approach, Astorga-Wells is well equipped for his new responsibilities.

He will play a key role in leveraging AAX Biotech's cutting-edge technologies for further innovation. At the same time, Astorga-Wells will be actively involved in fostering partnerships and collaborations, making an important contribution to the sustainable growth and success of the company.