According to the latest CPHI Annual Survey, CDMOs will see a significant increase in demand for biologic therapy manufacturing. With the tailwinds of pandemic-related manufacturing capacity expansion, CDMO sales will rise from $120.6 billion last year to $171.3 billion in 2026, with a focus on specialty drugs, growth in nuclear medicine, advances in cell and gene therapies ($12.4 billion in 2026) and single-use devices ($20.8 billion in 2026). But live microbial therapies, antibody conjugates, nanoswitches and protein degraders are also expected to expand. New and cost-efficient processes and streamlined supply are seen as success factors of the future. Contract manufacturers that have all capacities in-house or specialised CDMOs are predicted to have good opportunities in emerging markets. 

Topics to be covered

Services & equipment: cell line selection, process development & upscaling, process monitoring, QbD, single use equipment, integrated services, media development, cell culture, glycoengineering, conjugation, formulation, fill & finish, DSP, continous processing, ex vivo genetic engineering, TCR engineering, IgG- like bispecifics, AAV and lentiviral vector technology, plasmid engineering, modular UPS and DSP, antibody engineering, purification, polishing