Preview: CROs & CMOs incl. Pharma Packaging

Biomanufacturing, packaging & contract research – COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing has significantly impacted the supply chains of producers of mRNA gene therapies and vector-based vaccines and their CDMOs and CROs: While development and production of biologics for chronic indication must go on, delivery times for raw materials, bags, filters etc. are getting longer and longer.

In the light of a projected high need for gene and cell therapy as well as for booster vaccines protecting against viral variants, producers are ramping up their capacities, expand their strategic reach through M&A, and try to secure critical raw materials and qualified staff - the same is true for CROs, who face a post-pandemic boom due to delays in clinical testing caused by COVID-19 priorisation.  Furthermore, CROs and CDMOs try to automate production of autologous ATMP production, integrate AI into process development and data analytics to respond to the huge business opportunity.

Present your expertise

CMOs & CROs, equipment and AI specialists as well as ATMP as well as translational medicine experts will have the opportunity to present their latest products, services, and equipment in this special. EuropEan BiotEchnology goes out to decision makers throughout the entire European Life Sciences sector. Take advantage of to the journal's highly relevant readership and grab this opportunity to target your audience!

Topics to be covered

CMOs/CPOs: vaccine vectors, mRNA vaccines, antibodies and its engineering, process development, single use equipment, media/cell line development, glycooptimisation, antibody conjugates, packaging, fill & finish, QbD, process development automation, gene and cell therapies

CROs: stratification, gene editing, immunooncology, biosimilars, animal/cell models, ADMET, advanced trial designs & statistics for adaptive trails, EMR-guided patient recruitment

New magazine Section: Gene and Cell therapies

Publication date: 23 September 2021

Booking Deadline: 10 September 2021

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