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COVID-19 has significantly impacted the business of CDMOs and CROs: Manufacture of potentially protective vaccines and antiviral antibody sera for treatment and passive immunisation as well as stratification of hundreds of thousands of healthy volunteers are challenging the industry, while development and production of biologics for chronic indication must go on. From preclinical development to market approval, the trend to outsource clinical development, biomanufacturing, and packaging remains unbroken: from hits to leads and POC and from DoE, QbD over scaleable process development to customised and even continuous USP, DSP, polishing, sterile filling including serialisation. However, as novel formats for biologics and biosimilars emerge, diversi cation through special know-how is key to market success. New formulations, delivery forms, trial formats and patient enrolment strategies also challenge the growing industry.

Present your expertise

CMOs & CROs, providers of modular production plants, equipment and AI specialists as well as QbD experts will have the opportunity to present their latest products, services, and equipment in this special. European Biotechnology goes out to decision makers throughout the entire European Life Sciences sector. Take advantage of to the journal's highly relevant readership and grab this opportunity to target your audience!

Topics to be covered

CMOs/CPOs: vaccine vectors, mRNA vaccines, polyclonal antibody sera, process development, single use equipment, media/cell line development, glycooptimisation, antibody conjugates, packaging, fill & finish, QbD, process development automation, advanced therapiesCROs: stratification, gene editing, immunooncology, biosimilars, animal/cell models, ADMET, advanced trial designs & statistics for adaptive trails, EMR-guided patient recruitment

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