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Synthetic Biology: Green new world

Nearly thirty years ago, Bill Gates commented that “DNA is like a com- puter program, but far more advanced than any software ever created.” That recognition, however, was only the first step on a long road. Reconfig- uring cellular or viral DNA to create something entirely new remained stubbornly expensive for decades. Now programmable biology is maturing, and finally looks set to drive revolu- tions in medicine, chemistry and consumer markets.

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Biosimiliars - Embark for Africa
Europe has been very proactive in the early adoption of biosimilars, with over 70 authorised in the bloc. But distribution on the continent is uneven. Some countries use them far more than others. Market opportunities abroad are also beckoning, but only a few companies have organised strategies to expand into the Middle East or Africa. If they miss the boat, India and South Korea could slip ahead.

Pharma packaging - green packaging
Pressure to focus on sustainability issues are rising for companies in every indus- try, and pharmaceuticals is no exception. Some firms are trying to meet require- ments for environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives. They were in the limelight at this year’s Pharmapack Europe.

Special: Bioprocessing
Sustainability: The new imperative | Shift towards industrial-scale AAV manufacturing | Tackling pharma’s footprint | Interview: György Rajkai, CTO, Belach Bioteknik AB | High value process development

Rachel Maers, Partner with Jeito Capital