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Richter-Helm´s expanded manufacturing site at Bovenau, Germany – ready to manufacture your product; ©Richter-Helm

Richter-Helm – how CDMOs become strong partners

Thanks to 35 years of expertise in microbial fermentation in various microbial systems, our company supports the global industry in the targeted and rapid market launch of required products needed to improve health and save lives. Richter-Helm provides its clients with a unique knowledge base in process and analytical validation, process performance qualification (PPQ) procedures, commercial production of therapeutic proteins and peptides, antibody-like scaffolds (e.g., VHH/ Nanobodies), bacterial vaccines, and plasmid DNA (pDNA) products.

Within the highly competitive CDMO market Richter-Helm established itself as first in class service provider and partner.  Decades of experience, highly motivated employees and the trustful and strong ongoing partnership to its clients continues to consolidate this position. Known to be a highly flexible partner, Richter-Helm further expanded its production, development and analytical capacities in line with customer requirements.

The biggest milestone has now been reached: the start of production according to GMP standards.
The new facility offers our customers an attractive opportunity and customised solution for the production for particularly large and commercial scales. With the expansion Richter-Helm added two further production lines within a new multipurpose facility. The whole building is designed for maximum flexibility and extends the services for material supply for existing and your new projects. A total area of about 10,000 m2 enables Richter-Helm to take on projects at 300L and 1,500L fermentation volumes for microbial production as well as related mid- and downstream operations, ensuring high product yields. The new production lines utilise state-of-the-art equipment and offer the flexibility to produce different products simultaneously. The new site includes extra space for state of the art on-site analytical laboratories, warehousing, and technical areas. It is built for optimised personnel and material flow and designed for further growth.

With even more investments Richter-Helm expanded the development- and analytical capacities at all of its sites. This step positions the company as the perfect match one-stop-shop for pharmaceutical companies that focus on bringing their pipeline products to the market not only quickly but also with minimum risk. The goal is to build strong and long-term partnerships on equal footing to strengthen and extend business.
Your projects can either begin with full-service development or with direct process transfer producing materials for clinical studies or commercial products at highest quality.   

Company Info
Richter-Helm BioLogics GmbH & Co. KG
Suhrenkamp 59
22335 Hamburg, Germany

This article was orginally published in European Biotechnology Magazine Spring 2024.