Institutional Subscribers

European Biotechnology Magazine delivers important and professional information to a wide range of European networks and leading industrial associations. The current co-operating organisations are as follows:

Partner Associations

European Biotechnology Network

EuropaBio European Association for Bioindustries

Drug Information Association (DIA)

SBA Swiss Biotech Association

MedTech Europe


Medicines for Europe

ASEBIO Association of then Spanish Biotech Enterprises

Life Science Austria (LISA)

NIABA Netherland's Biotechnology Association

IBIA Irish BioIndustry Association

HBA Hungarian Biotechnology Association

France Biotech

Finnish Bioindustries

European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises

DANISH Association of Biotechnology Industries

CEBR Council of European Bioregions Belgian Biotechnology Industry Organisation

ASSOBIOTEC Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology

Portugal's Biotechnology Industry Organization

Norwegian Bioindustry Association