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12.05.2020 - 13.05.2020

13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

Cologne (DE)

This conference aims to provide international major players from the bio-based building blocks, polymers and industrial biotechnology industries with an opportunity to present and discuss their latest developments and strategies.

Info: Nova Institut


19.05.2020 - 20.05.2020

6th PLA World Congress

Munich (GER)

PLA is almost completely produced from renewable raw materials. It is used for packaging applications, for fibres in woven and non-woven applications. PLA is also already used in the automotive industry and consumer electronics. Mixing PLA with other bioplastics or other blending partners as well as mixing it with natural fibres such as flax or hemp further expands the range of applications. Experts from all involved areas will give a comprehensive overview of the current opportunities and challenges and discuss the future prospects of PLA for all possible types of applications.

Info: Polymedia Publisher GmbH

06.06.2020 - 09.06.2020

European Human Genetics Conference

Berlin (GER)

The European Conference on Human Genetics will present the main developments in the field of human genetics and medical genetics. It is a forum for all those working in the sector to review progress and develop research collaborations.

Info: Wiener Medizinische Akademie GmbH


08.06.2020 - 11.06.2020

BIO International Convention

San Diego (USA)

The BIO International Convention brings together the most innovative thinkers and leaders in biotechnology.

Info: Biotechnology Innovation Organization

15.06.2020 - 16.06.2020

EuroPLX 73 – European Pharma License Exchange

Wien (AT)

The partnering scope ranges from innovative to generic, from early stage candidates to approved, prescription or OTC drugs, medical devices and companion diagnostics. Delegates determine the focus, displayed and updated hourly on Internet as soon as sufficient data are submitted.

Info: RauCon, Dr. Norbert Rau