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31.05.2022 - 01.06.2022

Chemspec Europe

Frankfurt am Main

The choice of the right suppliers and the exchange of knowledge within international industry networks is more important than ever. With a highly specialised exhibition profile, Chemspec Europe is a key event for buyers, traders and agents in search of bespoke solutions and innovative substances.

Info: Mac Brooks Exhibitions

07.06.2022 - 08.06.2022

Global Food Summit 2022

Munich (GER)

The terrible war in Ukraine, Covid and the climate crisis - these are currently the three biggest global challenges. All three factors have a great impact on the food supply chain and food security. The UN World Food Program predicts that the lack of wheat from Ukraine will lead to famine worldwide. East Africa and the Middle East are particularly affected. How can we meet these challenges - and what role can the bioeconomy play?

Info: Global Food Summit, Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein


08.06.2022 - 09.06.2022

World Bio Markets – Driving the commercialisation of the bioeconomy

Barcelona (ES)

The bio industry’s premier business event connects over 300 industry leaders, with a 2-day programme of knowledge exchange, a new formatwith a focus on 1-2-1 meetings using AI to help you find your matches among the delegates as well as countless networking opportunities.

Info: TNP Media Ltd., Paul McDonald


13.06.2022 - 14.06.2022

EuroPLX 79 – Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities

Vienna (AT)

This 79th Marketplace is an exchange for licenses, products, assets, distribution deals and other Pharma Business Opportunities ranging from prescription to OTC drugs, companion diagnostics, nutraceuticals, and medical devices. Limit: 300 Persons, Video Meetings (Unlimited Video Attendance) 2 weeks before and after the event

Info: RauCon, Dr. Norbert Rau


13.06.2022 - 16.06.2022

BIO International Convention

San Diego (USA)

The Convention theme ‘LIMITLESS’ is the commitment to unlocking possibilities for our members and attendees while paving the path to the future of our industry. The BIO International Convention attracts 15,000+ biotechnology and pharma leaders who come together for one week of intensive networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. It brings together a wide spectrum of life science and application, including drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, biofuels, nanotechnology, and cell therapy.

Info: BIO – Biotechnology Innovation Organization