The Void – COVID-19-Therapeutics

A licensed vaccine for COVID-19 could soon be a reality, but therapy options remain limited, while deaths in the ongoing pandemic continue to mount by the day. In early November, BioNTech SE and marketing partner Pfizer Inc. provided proof-of-concept that their mRNA vaccine candidate BNT162b2 could effectively prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2. Emergency personnel, however, remain desperate for new therapeutics to help limit the spread of the new coronavirus and treat patients who have a potentially deadly host immune response.

In this issue:

Green Money – EU at a turning point – In October, ECBF Management GmbH announced the first closing of its European Circular Bioeconomy Fund. The European Investment Bank has committed to contributing €100m to the fund's target of €250m. ECBF Head Michael Brandkamp explains how it will be a financial instruent for achieving Europe's Green Deal goals.

Circular Bioeconomy – The post-pandemic biotech opportunity
Surveys show that despite COVID-19, climate change and sustainability still matter to consumers – perhaps even more than ever before. The European Commission has proposed investing more than €250bn earmarked for its post-COVID-19 recovery programme into building a sustainable economy. Biotech companies stand to benefit significantly.

Focus: EU Event Compass 2021
We very much hope that with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, we'll be able to return to in-person events soon, and continue to offer the EU Event Compass in its usual scope!