Mainz Biomed Partners with Microba Life Sciences

Molecular diagnostics specialist Mainz Biomed NV has inked a research collaboration with precision microbiome firm Microba Life Sciences Inc.


Leveraging a platform for measuring the human gut microbiome to discover and develop novel therapeutics for major diseases, Microba and Mainz Biomed will conduct a pilot research project utilising Microba’s metagenomic sequencing technology and bioinformatic tools to discover novel microbiome biomarkers for pancreatic cancer detection.

Pancreatic cancer is the seventh leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. The 5-year overall survival rate is approximately 9% globally. However, according to the companies, if diagnosis occurs in the early stages of the disease, the survival rate is significantly higher. 

The pilot project is expected to run through late 2023 and will deploy Microba’s Community Profiler, a metagenomic platform. Mainz Biomed is currently commercialising ColoAlert, a detection test for colorectal cancer (CRC) in select international territories and in December of 2022, initiated a US Pivotal Clinical Study (ReconAAsense) for a CRC screening test that may integrate the Company’s portfolio of novel gene expression (mRNA) biomarkers.  These biomarkers have demonstrated potential to identify advanced adenomas, a type of curable pre-cancerous polyp often attributed to CRC that are being evaluated in European and US studies (ColoFuture/eAArly DETECT). Results from eAArly DETECT are expected in mid-2023 and Mainz anticipates enrollment in ReconAAsense to commence in the second half of 2023.

Microbiome-related early diagnostics of orphan and common diseases is a relatively new therapeutic field attracting the interest of investors.


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