Events & Media Partner Events

22.11.2021 - 23.11.2021

EuroPLX 77 – Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities

Brussels (B)

The partnering scope ranges from innovative to generic, from early stage candidates to approved, prescription or OTC drugs, medical devices and companion diagnostics. Delegates determine the focus, displayed and updated hourly on Internet as soon as sufficient data are submitted. Limit: 200 Persons, Video Meetings (Unlimited Video Attendance) 2 weeks before and after the event

Info: RauCon, Dr. Norbert Rau


Media Partner
Media Partner
07.12.2021 - 09.12.2021

BioFIT 2021

+++ online +++

European partnering event for early-stage deals and investments rounds in the Life Sciences field

Info: Eurosanté, Margaux Satola


Media Partner
Media Partner
15.03.2022 - 16.03.2022

Future Health

London (GB)

The Conferences at Future Health deliver a world-class learning programme featuring cutting edge content by innovators, thought leaders and inspirational figures tackling the most pressing global health challenges of today. In 2020 there will be two content theatres – the Main Stage and the Innovation Showcase. Speakers will offer insight and intelligence unparalleled in the UK – you’ll learn from a wide range of cutting edge solution providers, government officials, industry experts, policymakers and those shaping the future of healthcare from around the world.

Info: Future Health Expo Ltd., Dawn Barclay-Ross