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Investors purchase Imegen

The Imegen team at the company headquarter in Valencia, ©Imegen

The investment groups Q-Growth Fund and Biolty purchased the majority of the Valencian biotechnology company Institute of Genomic Medicine (Imegen) for €10m.

Investment groups Q-Growth Fund and Biolty have purchased Valencia-based Imegen, a specialist for genetic diagnosis and genomics for €10m. Q-Growth and Biolty bought the stake of 41 of the 42 shareholders of Imegen and made a small capital increase to the company, which currently offers diagnostic tests for more than 1.500 genetic diseases as well as customised assay development.

According to Imgen, the buyout „ensures the professionalism and financing necessary for its consolidation as one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of human genetic diagnosis." Ángela Pérez, the CEO of Imegen, will remain as current shareholder and will lead the expansion plans of the company. „We aim to position ourselves as world leaders in human genetic diagnosis by positioning ourselves in new international markets“, stated Pérez.

Q-Growth Fund, the reference partner in this transaction,  is considered as one of the most experienced players in the Spanish private equity industry. The other investment partner in the project, Biolty, is a Spanish company of services in strategic consultancy, financing and technological development of projects, specialised in biotechnology.

Imegen was founded in 2009 with the support private investors and Realiza Business Angels. It is based in the Valencia Science Park in Paterna and currently employs 60 people. It specialises in genetic diagnosis in human diseases always in the clinical field. Imegen now addresses a change in its shareholding with the aim of making a qualitative leap by professionalising the company and its governing bodies.