Picture: Biomunex

Biomunex appoints new CSO

The biopharmaceutical company Biomunex Pharmaceuticals announces the appointment of Dr Simon Plyte as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and as a member of its scientific advisory board.

Plyte brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, spanning over two decades in R&D at the senior management level, within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Before joining Biomunex, he held the positions of Vice-President, Immuno-oncology, at Merus (Utrecht, Netherlands), Senior Director, immuno-oncology, at Molecular Partners AG (Zurich, Switzerland) and Director in Immuno-oncology and New Biological Entities at Boehringer Ingelheim (Biberach, Germany). Prior to joining Boehringer Ingelheim, Plyte was focused on the development of new drugs in oncology, both in big pharma (Pharmacia/Pfizer) and small biotech companies (Congenia, Nerviano Medical Sciences). Before entering industry, Simon was a post-doctoral fellow at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (London, UK) and the Ontario Cancer Institute (Toronto, Canada). He has a PhD in biochemistry and biophysics from the University of Portsmouth, UK. Simon is the co-author of more than 30 publications and patents.


Dr Plyte’s appointment is part of Biomunex’s strategy to strengthen its internal scientific knowledge base. Biomunex has recently opened new laboratories in Paris and has established a scientific advisory board focused on non-conventional T Cell redirection. Members include Dr Sebastian Amigorena (Head of Institut Curie’s Cancer Immunotherapy Center, INSERM U932, Institut Curie), Dr Olivier Lantz (Institut Curie’s Clinical Immunology Laboratory, INSERM U932, Institut Curie) and Dr Matthias Peipp (Head of Division of Antibody-Based Immunotherapy, University of Kiel).