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Present your expertise
CDMOs & CROs, providers of modular production plants, equipment, AI, and experts in emerging areas will have the opportunity to present their latest products, services, and equipment in this special. European Biotechnology goes out to decision makers throughout the entire European Life Science sectors. Take advantage of the journal’s highly relevant readership and grab this opportunity to target your audience!

Topics to be covered
CDMOs: Process development, automation, synbio, ATMPs, vector manufacturing, mRNA vaccines/therapeutics, ADCs, radio-conjugates, single use equipment, automated cell culture/sorting/seeding, media/cell line development, glyco-engineering, packaging, up- & downstream processing, fill & finish, QbD, combination therapies.
CROs: Stratification, drug discovery services, CRISPR, immunooncology, biomarker/drug approval, biosimilars, animal/organoid models, microfluidics, ADMET,