Since 2006, the share of biomanufacturers producing everything in-house have declined from 57.6% to 34.9% in 2022. According to biopharmaceutical companies, the percentage is to decrease to 20% by 2026, according to the 19th biomanufacturer’s survey from Bioplan Associates International. This is especially true for the USA, which accounts for 27.8% of global production capacities, and for Europe with a share of 30.8%. In contrast, China's 13% production capacity is facing an order boom.

Topics to be covered

  • Hiring staff = growth
  • Interview: Scott Houlton, CEO, MLM Medical Labs
  • Derisking drug programmes
  • Manufacturing biopharmaceuticals
  • Interview: Dr Setu Kasera CSO, leon-nanodrugs GmbH
  • Navigating the CDMO proposal process