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Gene & Cell Therapies – The next revolution

In the post-pandemic era, an even more lucrative business than preventive vaccines beckons. The rapidly expanding market for gene and cell therapies is already worth billions, and could soon explode. Although many challenges in vector design and the manufacture of individually tailored therapies still have to be mastered, developers are optimistic.

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Green packaging
HORIZON Europe – Defeating cancer, stopping global warming and halting infectious diseases –
those are among the ambitious goals of the €95.5bn Horizon Europe innovation programme approved by the European Council in early May.
The means to these ends include new public-private partnerships for life sciences and biotech companies. A €10bn EIB financing tool is additionally available to drive the biologisation of industry through the circular economy and bioeconomy.

Genome Editing
The new EU study on the potential benefits of New Genomic Techniques

Ghost debate about IP – Would patents or giving access to patents magically produce vaccines and distribute them in the near future?

with Dr Michael Altorfer, CEO Swiss Biotech Association, about the extraordinary growth of the Swiss biotech industry in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with Biotech-Austria President Peter Llewellyn-Davies about goals and challenges for Austrian biotech Companies

Euro BioFair’s Compass
Events across Europe in H2/2021 – digital and face-to-face

Medical Cannabis in Europe
The next frontier and international control of hemp and cannabinoids