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Although 18 million people die of cardiovascular diseases every year, the pharma industry has limited its clinical research on new heart drugs for cost reasons. To gain market approval in the past, tens of thousands of heart patients had to be recruited for trials. But now advances in biological pattern recognition promise to dramatically improve patient selection. The changing paradigm has led cardiologists to call for a fundamental shift in ICH guidelines in order to help get new treatments to doctors and patients faster.

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Lab Plastics - solving a dilemma

Along with improved recycling rates, an EU ban on single-use plastics may help reduce the mountains of garbage generated at rock festivals. But what about the waste generated by facilities that work with harmful microbes, viruses or genetically modified cellular products? Laboratories trying to go green walk a tricky tightrope.

AMR - Fighting resistance

Pull mechanisms are at the heart of incentivising the moribund market of novel antimicrobials. At the 7th AMR conference in Basel, Switzerland, European Biotechnology met Dr Marc Gitzinger, President of the Board of the BEAM Alliance, who gave an update on what is under discussion in Europe and globally.

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