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Biomanufacturing, packaging & contract research – COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing has significantly impacted the supply chains of producers of mRNA gene therapies and vector-based vaccines and their CDMOs and CROs: While development and production of biologics for chronic indication must go on, delivery times for raw materials, bags, filters etc. are getting longer and longer.

In the light of a projected high need for gene and cell therapy as well as for booster vaccines protecting against viral variants, producers are ramping up their capacities, expand their strategic reach through M&A, and try to secure critical raw materials and qualified staff - the same is true for CROs, who face a post-pandemic boom due to delays in clinical testing caused by COVID-19 priorisation.  Furthermore, CROs and CDMOs try to automate production of autologous ATMP production, integrate AI into process development and data analytics to respond to the huge business opportunity.

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