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Biomolecular Condensates: Droplets & Disease

In January, Dewpoint Therapeutics garnered US$60m in financing. Then Bayer signed a US$100m licensing contract with the US-German company, which is taking a completely new approach to drug development. Is it science fiction, or will we soon be able to restore ‘healthy’ gene expression in patients suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s or MS? The company's founders say it's possible – if we solve the metabolic mysteries found in constantly changing cellular droplets.  In this issue:

  • COVID-19: Industry struggles to overcome paralysis caused by SARS-CoV-2
  • Novel Food: Emerging sustainable solutions for protein production
  • Interview: Harpreet Singh, CEO and founder of Immatics Biotechnologies
  • EU Biofairs Compass: Life Sciences Events in H2/2020