Picture: SwedenBIO

SwedenBIO appoints scientific relations manager

Maja Neiman is the first Science Relations Manager at SwedenBIO. The biotechnologist started her work at the end of March.

To strengthen its role as a facilitator of research collaborations, SwedenBIO has created a new position to promote scientific relations between companies, universities and the health sector. Maja Neiman will work closely with SwedenBIO members. She holds a PhD in Biotechnology from KTH - Royal Institute of Technology and specialises in the study of protein signatures related to health and disease.

At SwedenBIO, her responsibilities will include leading analytical work and writing reports on various segments of the industry.

"It is crucial for us to have the analytical skills to process facts and figures and support a clear understanding of developments in the industry," says Helena Strigård, CEO of SwedenBIO. "By hiring Maja, we strengthen SwedenBIO's ability to create favourable conditions for our members to succeed in their FnE efforts, and to analyse and improve efficiency in the Swedish life science ecosystem."

"The life sciences industry and the research conducted in Sweden are an international pride, and I am convinced that there is great potential for more cross-sector collaborations. I am very much looking forward to the work ahead and hope to contribute to fruitful discussions with facts and data," says Maja Neiman.