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Targeted radiotherapy powered by Biotech

Radiopharmaceuticals have turned into a hot commodity when it comes to M&A financing and deals. Targeted therapies that employ high-energy attachments linked to antibodies, small molecules or peptides promise fewer side effects and a localised attack on the tumour. Novartis initially cracked open the door with an innovation from France. Now investors are trying to play catch-up, and startups have seen a surge in demand. The companies involved are both toolmakers and those digging for radioactive gold.

In this issue:

  • Novel breeding methods: Final spurt around EU NGT regulation on climate-adapted crops
  • Antimicrobial resistance deal: Novo Nordisk Foundation invests €25m in CARB-X
  • Heavy-duty car emission reduction: An opportunity for e- and biofuels
  • Bioplastics on the rise
  • Special Bioprocessing: Money to set up new bioprocesses
  • Novartis is taking over former antibody specialist MorphoSys AG in €2.7bn transaction