Xlife Sciences AG acquires 20% stake in 4D Lifetec AG

In a significant financial milestone, Xlife Sciences AG invests CHF23.3m in 4D Lifetec AG. With the agreement signed today, Xlife Sciences is not only bringing in a direct cash investment, but also an AI software developed specifically for 4D Lifetec, which will massively expand the functionality of the 4D Lifetest™ in the field of digital health. The strategic investment marks a significant turning point in the healthcare industry as it combines financial strength with cutting-edge technology to revolutionize early cancer detection.

4D Lifetec, a pioneer in early cancer detection, owns an immuno-oncology biomarker that has proven its high sensitivity already in cancer stages I and II in numerous clinical studies. The easy-to-use IVD certified blood test enables a unique high-throughput analysis of patient samples, providing a powerful data set that now becomes accessible to train AI through the transaction. Backed up with a substantial investment, 4D Lifetec gains a doorway to innovative AI that will redefine the landscape of cancer diagnosis and access to the digital health network of Xlife Sciences. In addition, the deal also provides the financial strength necessary for implementation.

Zurich-based Xlife Sciences is a publicly traded accelerator and investor company dedicated to addressing unmet medical needs and improving the quality of life through innovative healthcare solutions. Xlife Sciences was among the first to recognize the importance of artificial intelligence in enhancing patient care and outcomes and has built relevant capabilities within its portfolio companies. For early cancer diagnostics, AI resources were pooled in x-diagnostics, which can now unleash its full potential in a clinical context through the transaction. By becoming a new major shareholder in 4D Lifetec, Xlife Sciences adds a leading early cancer diagnostics pioneer to its portfolio network.

“Bringing these two technologies together will enable 4D Lifetec to seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources, including patient history, genetic information, and imaging, providing comprehensive decision support for oncologists” Dr. Arne-Christian Faisst, Co-founder and Chairman of 4D Lifetec says. “This will result definitively in more accurate early cancer diagnoses, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.”



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