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Crisis? What Crisis?

2022 looks set to be the worst year for biotech Mergers & Acquisitions since 2018, and some experts have speculated it might herald the start of a new crisis for the sector. External financing is indispensable for drug developers. In the absence of external capital, achieving growth turns into an even greater struggle, and innovation slows. We take a deeper look into the causes behind the ‘new normal’ in partnerships and licensing, and break down why a predicted M&A wave is not cresting as quickly as expected.

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Industrial Biotech - (Bio)economy 2.0
For years, policies promoting industrial production modelled on naturally­occurring cycles have been little more than a thin green veneer used by oil and chemistry multinationals. At the new forum Industria Biotec, companies presented both new ideas and long-ignored solutions that – in cooperation with politics – could help avert the looming gas and climate catastrophes.

Focus: Pharma Services - Determined to grow
Over 40,000 on-site visitors to the CPHI in Frankfurt have shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on the (bio)-pharmaceutical sector. A new CPHI annual survey predicts how business will develop in the future, with prospects for CDMOs and CROs looking rosy.

Special: Biofairs Compass
PharmaPack Europe, AMR Conference, BIO-Europe Spring 2023, Swiss Biotech Day 2023, Connect in Pharma

Christian Nafe, CFO, leon-nanodrugs GmbH