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CAR-T cell therapy revs up in Europe

Ever since reports that blood cancer response rates to T cells carrying chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) exceeded  80%, investors have been betting big on CAR-T cell approaches. In August, the first two therapies hit European markets in a head-to-head race to be the number one next-gen cancer therapy. But will CAR-T cell treatments lead the pack long term? Or will alternatives like TCR-based cell therapy or multi­valent bispecific antibody-T cell engagers leave them in the dust?

In this issue:

  • Modern breeding: How the ECJ ruling on genome editing thwarts organic farming
  • DNA synthesis: Can a new enzyme approach help solve global problems?
  • Photosynthesis: Engineers converge on the Holy Grail of energy production
  • CROs & CDMOs: New technologies that trigger pharma outsourcing growth
  • Interviews with Adi Hoess, CEO, Affimed NV; Günter Huhle, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS EMEA, Beerse; Sebastian Sødergren, Vice President of New Business Development, Incubation & Acquisitions, Novo­zymes
  • News from our partner associations Swiss Biotech Association, Medtec Europe and Europa­Bio.