Picture: Byondis

Byondis with new Senior Director

Timo van den Berg is the new senior director Immuno-Oncology Research and Development at Byondis B.V. He joined the company at beginning

He joined the company at the beginning of September and will be operating in Nijmegen, the headquarter of Byondis. His main responsibilities now include shaping Byondis' IO pipeline, with the anti-SIRPalpha monoclonal antibody BYON4228. The very experienced IO-Expert was head and principal investigator, Immunotherapy Laboratory, Department of Molecular Hematology at Sanquin Research, Amsterdam (NL). Since 2017, van den Berg has been Professor of Immunotherapy at Vrije Universiteit, which is affiliated with the Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, Amsterdam University Medical Center. There and at Sanquin Research, a non-profit organization responsible for the blood supply in the Netherlands, he spent 25 years as research group leader and department head.