Picture: Abliva AB

Management changes at Abliva

Lund-based Abliva AB named Dr Ellen Donnelly as its new CEO. At the beginning of February she succeeded Dr Erik Kinnmann, who had been CEO since 2018.

Donnely is a US national and was born 1974. She has held different leading positions in pharma/biotech companies. Most recently she was CEO of the Epigenetics Division of Juvenescence (UK) and she has spent almost a decade at Pfizer, Inc. (US) in a variety of leadership positions. From 2017 to 2020 she was CEO of Swedish Modus Therapeutics AB based in Stockholm, so she knows the Swedish Biotech community, too. Konnely has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Yale University.

Change in Management is starting the next level for Abliva. The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing medicines for the treatment of rare and severe primary mitochondrial diseases.

“Abliva plans to enter a Phase II/III study with its lead candidate KL1333 later in the year. This signifies a new phase in the company’s development, where Abliva will lay the groundwork for commercialization activities while completing clinical development and preparing for a potential approval. There is also an opportunity to leverage increasing interest from specialized investors internationally in this area, especially in the USA. We strongly believe that Ellen has the qualifications and experience to successfully lead these crucial efforts,” says David Laskow-Pooley, Chairman of Abliva’s Board of Directors.

In connection with facilitating the transition the board of Directors has appointed Ablivas CFO Catharina Johansson as deputy CEO.