Full books of producers!

COVID-19 vaccine hoarding and capacity expansion in the market for cell and gene therapy or vaccine vectors currently fill the books of CDMOs. Also, Pharma giants such as Novartis most recently opened own production site at Kundl, Austria, for plasmid DNA, the raw material for RNA production and viral vector construction.

In this Special:

  •  Ramping up plasmid production for vaccines and ATMPs
  • Interview: Federico Pollano, Rentschler Biopharma SE
  • Accelerating study start-up, Remarque Systems
  • Cooling vaccines, L+R Kältetechnik
  • AAV vectors for SMEs, Biovian
  • Don't bet only on vaccines, Yumab
  • P. pastoris for production, Validogen
  • Europe needs a strategy, BioM

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