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Navigating the CDMO proposal process

CDMO Response Time Matters: The speed of a CDMO's response is critical in an industry where timely responses to requests for proposals (RFP) and timely revisions indicate a CDMO’s dedication to timelines.

Qualities of a Good Proposal: A standout proposal is customised, focusing on the client's unique needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. It begins ambitiously, then hones details, rather than the other way around.

Evaluating CDMO Responsiveness: Initial interactions, even before the RFP, can indicate a CDMO's responsiveness. How quickly they handle preliminary processes and customise their proposals speaks volumes about future collaborations.

Understanding a CDMO's Qualification: An efficient proposal process reflects a CDMO’s project management skills. Speedy communication between a CDMO’s business and technical teams is a positive sign. CDMOs should also convey enthusiasm, connecting their technical staff with the project’s larger mission.
Checking CDMO References: Potential clients should verify a CDMO’s track record. Current, relevant references offer insights into the CDMO's recent performance, aiding decision-making.

Technical Call Significance: Technical calls help prospective clients understand the CDMO’s capabilities. The presence of the right personnel and detailed note-taking during these calls is vital for project success.
Transparency is Key: A CDMO's proposal should be clear about risks and solutions. Access to the CDMO's sites and management team further emphasises transparency.

Flexibility of a CDMO: Adaptability is essential. A good CDMO will work collaboratively, even when unexpected challenges arise, showcasing their problem-solving skills.

The Final Proposal Revisions: The end revisions transform proposals from generic to specific, ensuring clients know exactly what to expect. This step prevents unforeseen costs and ensures clarity.

Prospective CDMO clients can gauge a lot from the proposal process, from responsiveness and creativity to the depth of technical understanding. Proactive CDMOs, like Northway Biotech, stay ahead by anticipating client needs, offering innovative solutions, and prioritising clear, swift communication.

This article was originally published in European Biotechnology Magazine Autumn Edition 2023.