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Miraculous Microbiome - The inner universe of health

It’s growing increasingly clear – the bacteria that colonise your skin and gut from birth on are key sensors that can act as environmental triggers for many chronic diseases of civilisation, including MS. Gold rush fever has hit food manufacturers, pharma companies and independent teams. Everyone it seems wants to grab a piece of the pie with novel therapies or probiotics aimed at rebalancing patient gut microbiomes that have been thrown out of whack. But how far are we from seeing real cures? Here’s an overview.

In this issue:

  • Synthetic biology: DNA-based apps for cell diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Plastic recycling: Can enzymes solve the world’s biggest waste problem?
  • Pharma packaging: How digitalisation saves costs through improved compliance
  • Biofairs Compass: The ultimate guide to relevant life science events in H1/2018
  • Interview with Waldemar Kütt, DG Research, breaks down the bioeconomy strategy review and financial incentives
  • News from our partner associations European Biotechnology Network, EAPB, EDMA, DIA, BIO Deutschland and the Swiss Biotech Association