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Focus on bioprocessing: vector supply for gene and cell therapies

As recently reported NK stem cells could provide a way to make CAR cell therapies cheaper because they do not need to be derived from individual patients. New drug formats such as cell & gene therapies, live microbial therapies, conjugates of or engineered antibodies are filling clincical pipelines, new and cost-effective processes are needed to make them a business case. Contract manufacturers that have all the capacities in-house to develop a biologic/advanced therapy GMP compliantly from preclinical stage to the filled & finished product have good chances in the emerging new markets.

In this issue:

  • Growing market for viral vector biomanufacturing
  • Viral vector one-stop-shop for gene and cell therapy
  • Radionuclids
  • Phages as a promising alternative to antibiotics
  • Sustainable packaging solutions

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