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Antibiotic resistance: Phages to the rescue?

The crisis caused by antimicrobial resistance is growing worse, and in the search for solutions, it makes sense to take a closer look at an alternative that’s already out there – bacteriophages. They’ve been used in Eastern Europe for decades. Now pressure is mounting on global health authorities to see whether bacteria-killing viruses or products based on them could provide a viable option to antibiotics. But guidelines are lacking in Western countries, and many doctors remain cautious about the idea of treating infections with viruses.

In this issue:

  • Genome editing: EU Court’s Advocate General disappoints GM opponents
  • Immunology: How fast food corrupts your immune system permanently
  • Big Bioindustry: Attracting investment to scale up bio-based production
  • GMP bioproduction: Which CDMOs will seize the lead in an expanding market?
  • Interview with Aleks Engel, Partner at Novo Holdings, and George Griffin, Chair of the SAB of the REPAIR impact fund
  • News from our partner associations European Biotechnology Network, EAPB, EDMA, DIA and the Swiss Biotech Association