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Novimmune partners with LegoChem Biosciences

A three-dimensional ribbon model of a G-class immunoglobulin (IgG) molecule, also called an antibody. The blue and green sections are the heavy chains, while the orange and pink sections on the arms of the antibody are the light chains of the molecule. © Novimmune

Swiss antibody specialist Novimmune has entered a R&D collaboration on antibody drug conjugates (ADC) with the South Korean conjugation chemistry expert LegoChem Biosciences.

In January, Legochem Biosciences already inked a US$125m deal with Takeda on its second generation ADC conjugation platform ConjuAll, which provides site-specific conjugation, linker stability and efficient payload release. The Korean company, which also licensed CD37-targeting antibody from Nordic Nanovector last year, now wants to complement its portfolio of tumour-targeting antibodies, which already includes mesothelin- and CD19-specific ADCs.

Novimmune is currently working on (bispecific) antibodies for both targets and further unpublished cancer targets. For the Swiss venture, the collaboration thus might open up additional value creation through ADC development. “Our antibody expertise married with LCB’s proprietary ADC technology, supports our quest to provide better options to cancer patients,” said Novimmune Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eduard Holdener. The companies said the collaboration will focus on the development of one specific ADC but didn’t give any further information on the target. 

Legochem Biosciences has a proven track record in ADC development. In 2015, the company licensed a HER2-specific ADC to Fosun Pharma. In 2012, LegoChem licensed out its ADC platform technology to Green Cross, one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in Korea for a mesothelin-targeted ADC.